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Amazon easy store franchise
Amazon easy store franchise

Amazon Easy Store Franchise

Amazon Easy is a program that enables e-commerce businesses to provide online shopping assistance to their customers. The goal of this initiative is to help customers start their journey into e-commerce. With the branding of Amazon Easy, store owners increase the customer base in their stores. With Amazon Easy Store customers can get product delivery at their doorstep. This assisted online shopping platform enables customers to shop for various products from various categories such as fashion items, daily staples, and electronics from any of the Amazon Easy Store in All India.

Amazon easy store franchise

Benefits of Amazon Easy Store

  • 1. "ZERO" Inventory Cost: Without any inventory management, with the help of Amazon Easy, our store partners can sell any product from anywhere.
  • 2. Fixed Commission: Amazon Easy provides a fixed commission on each booked product, which you can get directly in your Bank account..
  • 3. High Earning Potential: VOSO has the highest commission structure with Amazon Easy. Our store partners can earn up to 13% on all products.
  • 4. Low Investment: Anyone can start their own entrepreneurship journey with Amazon Easy. The investment amount of franchise is the lowest and that is a one-time investment.
  • 5. 16 Crores plus Products: With Amazon Easy Franchise, Store partners can order more than 16 crores products, without incurring any inventory cost.
  • 6. Apart from Amazon Easy, Additional Income with Delivery Services,
  • 7. Association with Amazon and various brands: An Amazon Easy VOSO Store Franchise holder (Voso Store Partner) can avail services of Amazon Easy and various other brands like BBPS, Insurance, Large Invetory of BUS, FLIGHTS & HOTELS (Ticket Booking) and many more.
  • 8. Training and Support:As VOSO Store Partner we ensure that a partner has smooth onboarding, But we also provide Dedicated Support to all our partners for smooth work, every store partner is provided training which helps them provide the best assistance to their customers.

Why join Amazon Easy with VOSO?

  • 1. Reaching Rural Area: We believe that through our franchise model, we can help rural entrepreneurs reach their full potential.
  • 2. Partner with Amazon Easy: Through the establishment of successful franchises, you can also benefit from the support of the e-commerce giant Amazon.
  • 3. 24/7 Support: Our expert KAM team can help you get the best possible assistance in making your customer base grow.
  • 4. Multiple Services: VOSO offers various services such as Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Insurance, Flight Booking, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, and more
  • 5. Highest Earning: With VOSO, you can earn up to 13% commission on Amazon Easy products. We also assist you in getting Industry Best Commmission rates on Insurances.
  • 6. Personalized Branding: For our Store partners, VOSO provides branding material for Amazon Easy and various other services to increase the customer base in the store, which enables all our partners to earn highest commision possible.
  • 7. Dedicated KAM(Key Account Manager): Every store partner is assisted with a dedicated Key Account Manager who provides training and support and sales assistance.
  • 8. Seamless transaction: With the safest payment mode VOSo also provides the seamless transaction that ensures the smooth process of assisted shopping.
  • 9. Fastest Services: Constantly evolving with technology VOSO
  • 10. Serves the best API that gives store partners a hassle-free service.
  • 11. Additional 20+ Services: VOSO Store partners are entitled to serve 20+ services such as Assisted Online Shopping(Amazon Easy) Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Bus Booking, Insurance, PAN Card, DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, Credit Card Payment, Gas Bill Payment, Electricity Bill Payment, Money Transfer, BBPS, Medicine and many more.
Amazon easy store franchise

How you can earn with Amazon Easy VOSO Store Franchise?


  • 1. Call at 9109854630 or mail us at to get the information about the franchise.
  • 2. Visit our portal and understand the working
  • 3. Enroll in Amazon Easy Store Franchise.
  • 4. Get training from VOSO experts.
  • 5. Build shop image in Local Market with branding. (provided by VOSO Store.)
  • 6. Increase customer walk-ins.
  • 7. Enable the store as a one-stop solution for customers.
  • 8. Increase your earnings.

Who can Apply for Amazon Easy VOSO Store?


  • 1. Age 20-45
  • 2. Minimum 10+2
  • 3. Should be willing to carry out marketing strategies
  • 4. Should have ordered/purchased products online
  • 5. Should be comfortable operating a computer
  • 6. The minimum Store size should be 100 Sq.ft.
Amazon easy store franchise

Are you interested in Amazon Easy Store Franchise?

To apply for Amazon Easy VOSO Store. Fill in your details and our experts will be happy to help you.

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Q1. What Is Voso Store?

A1. Voso Store is a unique offering of Amazon Easy Store Franchise Which Can Enable Growing Business Opportunities To Everyone And Provide Various Services To The Customers.

Q2. What Is Amazon Easy Store?

A2. Amazon Easy, Is Offered by Amazon is the first Indian initiative Which Enables Small Business Owners Or Grocery Store Owners To Offer Online Ecommerce Assistance To New Customers Especially In Areas Like Tier 2 Or Tier 3 Where Customers Don’t Trust Online Shopping, These Amazon Easy Stores Build a Sense Of Trust And Helps Millions Of Customer To Take Their First Step into Online Shopping.

Q3. Why Voso Store?

A3. Voso Store Is An Official Partner With Amazon Easy Store. Apart from Amazon Easy, Voso Store Also Offers Multiple Services Like Online Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, Online Bus, Flight Ticket Booking, Pan Card Service, 24/7 Customer Support, etc.

Q4. How To Apply With Amazon Easy Store?

A4. Voso Store Offers Amazon Easy Store Franchise At the Lowest Investment, Anyone Can Apply by visiting our official website, or contacting us on Facebook , Instagram , and WhatsApp .

Q5. Benefits Of Buying Amazon Easy Store WIth Voso Store?

A5. With VOSO, Our partners not only get Amazon Easy ID but also Up to 10 services. With these services, our partners are able to increase their customer base and earnings.

Q6. Is Voso Store Profitable?

A6. Voso Store offers many services like online mobile recharge, money transfer, hotel booking, bus flight ticket booking, etc which will give the highest commission on the purchase of each product by customers with Voso Store Portal and voso store also provide branding materials and Digital Marketing service.

Q7. How Much Does It Cost To Open Amazon Easy Store?

A7. We Voso Store Offer Amazon Easy Store Franchise at a minimum cost of investment, In Low Investment We Offer Multiple Services like Digital Marketing, 24/7 Customer Support, Shop Branding Etc.

Q8. Is the Voso Store Available In My Area?

A8. Voso Store is available in Pan India. Anyone can Opt Amazon Easy Store With Amazing Voso Store Services.

Q9. How much I can earn from the VOSO Store?

A9. VOSO Store has the highest commission structure in both Amazon Easy and other online services. Earning potential is 40-50,000 per month. The more our partners will engage in VOSO Services the more their earnings will be.

Q10. Are there any renewal charges for Amazon Easy VOSO Store?

A.10 No, with VOSO Store you need to invest only once and it will be valid for a lifetime.

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