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VosoX is a one-stop solution for business expansion. It is the latest business offering from Voso Retail Tech Pvt Ltd, where we have been working on solutions related to business expansion. Our highly skilled digital marketing team ensures that your brands receive sufficient visibility to stimulate the interest of genuine business prospects across all regions. We are looking for a partnership wherein we can help businesses to expand their market reach.

Voso Vyapar has the biggest marketplace reach spread across India with 6000+ store partners. We provide our customers with a platform to expand their businesses. We work hard to provide the greatest marketplace in India, we have been at the forefront of bringing the best businesses to start in India with high profits. We are the best offline marketplace in India with whom you could start your search for Expanding market reach, managing financial crunch, increasing visibility, and solving delivery challenges in India.

Our Vision

To create opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve next-level growth and to help them achieve their business potential in the untapped markets.

Our Mission

To support businesses in developing strategies for growth and expansion by identifying & promoting their USPs and by offering knowledge-based consulting services.

Our Work

• VosoX is a ready-to-fit and customized solution for people who are looking for 10x faster growth for their businesses, supported by technology.

• We don't just closely collaborate with brands on their business expansion strategy but we also focus exclusively on the expansion of numbers in the specified locations.

• We have a dedicated mechanism for reaching the target market from where our highly professional business consultants make calls on received inquiries and consult them with queries to make business decisions.

Delivering The Right Solution

  • • Dynamic Market Reach

    We help customers to expand their market reach via a marketplace that allows customers to access a broader range of store partners.

  • • Increased Visibility.

    We have created a marketplace of trustworthy business partners. As a result, you can benefit from significant visibility with the availability of advertising space at our store partners.

  • • Resolving Delivery Challenges.

    Voso x is a ready-made channel to lunch your product and solves the delivery challenges of our clients wherein you can get your products or services delivered through the store partners.

  • • Vendor Availability for Multiple Locations

    VosoX consists of retailers, store partners, shop owners, and SMBs owners who offer a variety of business categories in various locations.

Why Choose Us

  • • We are a readymade channel to expand your business reach.
  • • We have the biggest market reach spread across India.
  • • We provide you with a platform to expand your business Visibility.
  • • With more than 6000 retail locations across India, we have the largest marketplace reach.
  • • We help you to resolve financial crunch problems as per the eligibility.
  • • We help you to reduce your customer acquisition cost significantly.
  • • We fulfill the business aspirations of all of our clients across the world by providing customized and personal solutions.

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