About Us

Voso store offers the best franchise opportunity in India

We are Vosostore, providing a franchise business opportunity in India. We help in setting up a business with the most profit margin. We are a retail tech company. VOSO Store is a brand new way to convert your shop into a digital store. VOSO was founded to create a multi-purpose platform for stores to apply as a single-point service provider for their customers. Being on a virtual platform cannot be simpler, especially in rural and suburban areas. We connect stores with brands to serve end-consumer offerings through an exclusive portal. Our Store partners are developing their commercial enterprise exponentially with VOSO business opportunity. VOSO is on a mission to reach an untouched part of the nation to connect them with a plethora of services and products through our store partners and provide our store partners with one-of-its-kind assistance through our facilitator model.

Providing One-Stop Solution

In today's competitive and fast-growing world, people have less time and, sometimes, they forget their essential work and then have to stand in queue for their bill payment or buy vital things like medicines. Standing in rows can be frustrating and take valuable time. To avoid a last-minute rush, VOSO has brought the fastest B2B portal with all available payment options to one platform to avoid any transaction failure. VOSO is the largest platform for travel and utility services solutions in India. Starting in 2018, we have our head office in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We have established 5000+ B2B users across India.

In this rapidly evolving age, VOSO will enable its store partners to have a powerful connection with their potential customers through a gamut of VOSO services like Travel Booking, Utility Bill Payment, Domestic Money Transfer, PAN Card, Recharges, Insurance, Medicine which allows them to avail services in competitive rates and earn higher than before VOSO’s B2B portal saves time, energy and money as we connect you with all the leading services at a single touch pre-built portal.

Our team is constantly working and adding value to the business by giving our partners the best and most accessible platform that allows them financial freedom. VOSO was founded with a vision to reach every Indian street to take the edge off unemployment and develop financial resources. Intending to create a platform that enables more employability and breaks the wall between rural & suburban areas and digitization, our founders have brought VOSO.

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Providing One Stop Store

We are improving to simplify the process of online services for every citizen with the help of our store partners. VOSO is becoming the most sought-after platform among retailers and merchants for making online payments for various services. Our team is constantly working on making the payment system and online portal more smooth and extra seamless. By providing VOSO Store partnership, we enable our partners to avail of all existing and upcoming services. With a team of more than 100 members, our single-point customer support offers the fastest-ever solution to your problems.

Reaching to Every Indian Citizen

VOSO has stores in more than 700 cities and 2000 pin codes. Our store numbers are constantly increasing. VOSO’s core value is to serve a convenient platform for all the utility services to every part of the society, Chiefly in rural and suburban areas, to bring them into digital literacy.

One nation one store is Vosostore

Our Values

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Constant Improvement

Innovation is what VOSO is known for. We strive to provide the perfect delivery of service and support. We never settle with less and constantly work on improving our working system.

Commitment to partners

VOSO believes that our partners are our greatest strength. We are committed to our store partners’ overall growth and ensure the best services with the highest earning potential.

best services with the highest earning potential
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A will to succeed

For VOSO, success means reaching every mile of India and facilitating people with the best services so every citizen can enjoy uninterrupted online services.

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