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Aadhaar AePS (Aadhar Enabled Payments System) Services

Offer AePS services to your customers and earn the highest commissions in the industry using VOSO.

AEPS or aadhar enabled bill payments system that allows you to pay through an aadhar card. AePS is a payment model that is conceptualised by the NCPI that allows the customers to do basic payment transactions like cash deposits, bank to bank transfer balance inquiries, mini statements, aadhar to aadhar funds transfer authentication, BHIM aadhar pay, and many more using their aadhar card.

BY using AePS, merchants can also offer additional services like eKYC, best finger detection, demo auth, tokenization, Aadhar seeding status to their customers and users.

AePS is an interoperable bank transaction system that allows users to send and receive money from any bank to any bank. This means that all the users need in order to do a business transaction form and bank to any bank is:

  • Name of the bank Aadhar card number Fingerprints

Why provide AePS to your customers: Increase in customers, Increase in business

AePS allows users to do business transactions using only their aadhar. This is so convenient for them as they don't need any other documents other than their aadhar cards and the name of their bank. As a result, more people are using it. Thus by offering AePS transaction services you can attract more customers to your business, and earn the highest commission on each completed transaction through VOSO

Why provide AePS services through VOSO

  • Highest Commissions Because with VOSO you are sure to earn the highest commission on each completed transaction thereby allowing you to increase your income generated from each online AePS transaction.
  • Seamless transactions/ More income VOSO allows you to provide AePS services seamlessly to your customers thereby attracting more customers to your business which means more income for you.
  • Realtime settlements With VOSO’s real-time settlements status, you can check whether the transaction succeeded or failed, which means no default payments and no wrongful money deductions.
  • Secure and reliable service VOSO ensures that every transaction is completed reliably without delays or failure making VOSO a name that you can trust. Your data is safe with us. With our best-in-class data security, we make sure that your is secure so that you can focus on growing your business.
  • Operate using any bank With VOSO, provide AePS services such as a bank to a bank transfer, cash withdrawal, and cash deposit to your customers using any bank. With the added security of the VOSO wallet, send and receive money from any bank and provide your customers a superior banking experience while earning the highest commission in the industry on each successful AePS transaction.

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