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Our VOSO Store is now Officially Integrated with Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) API with a 24x7 online bill payment portal. With Bharat bill payment system VOSO Store works with the portion of online bills and upgrades the security and speed of online bill payments. BBPS services are available on both the Vosostore official mobile app and the online web portal. Currently, you can pay a charge for online utility bill payments i.e. (Fastag, Gas Bills, Water Bills, Electricity bill payments, DTH and Mobile recharges, etc.)


Mobile Postpaid and Postpaid Bills

Start mobile recharge business and postpaid recharge in india.

The best postpaid mobile offers are found, compared, and provided. As the demand for mobile phones grows, So does the need for internet and telephony data & any kind of delay in either is unacceptable. So, with VOSO in the room, you can give uninterrupted service to your consumers, and you can make immediate payments for postpaid customers without getting panicked. VOSO provides all of the services that might help you grow your consumer base to our store partners. You can complete the process of postpaid bills with a flexible payment method and a few simple steps. You may also check the due postpaid bills by simply entering your operator and mobile number. Every provider's options are available on our B2B web and mobile application that can compare and deliver the best plan to the customers.

DTH Recharge Services

In a busy schedule, entertainment is a must and, the disruption in entertainment can be irritating. VOSO allows its partners to make DTH Recharge for their customers. You can make a DTH recharge payment through the VOSO portal and app for various providers like Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Reliance. In a few steps, You can easily browse for the best plans and provide the fastest service to your customers. We assure the highest commission on each recharge.

Launch dth recharge business and offer recharge services for any d2h

Electricity Bill Payment

Online electricity bill payment services using bbps portal

Like many services, paying for electricity is one of the most popular services because it is a service that must be paid for on time. The last-minute bill payment can be stressful for your customers by providing them ease in bill payment, our store partners can save their time. We offer various board bill payment facilities for our business partners. Paying for electricity is now a simple as well as a seamless process. Pay the bills with VOSO to pay your electricity bills with multiple providers in seconds. Through the VOSO portal and app, Bills can be paid very instantly in just a few steps. With attractive commissions and hassle-free processes, your bill payment process can never be more seamless. VOSO offers a variety of facilities, such as finding each board in a portal, instant status check, quick payment without saving card or bank details, and ongoing support from our experts.

Water Bill Payment

As the most crucial necessities in life, What we need is the timely payment of our water bills. Gone are the days, When people had to wait in long lines to pay their water bills. Last-minute problems and waiting for payment can take a long time. VOSO offers its partner's water bill payment services for their customers. Our partners can use different payment methods such as Internet Banking, Debit Cards, UPI to pay water bills. which is the fastest and safest payment method regardless of states and boards. You can pay the water bills of any water board in India from anywhere in the country. This in-dispensable service can enhance the credibility of your customers while significantly increasing your income. With the support and training of our professionals, our partners are experiencing a smooth process.

Pay Online Water Bill for your customers

Broadband Recharge

Make online broadband bill payment through voso

As the demand for the Internet continues to grow, broadband payment is one of the most vital services when you run a bill payment service. VOSO provides this feature to its partners to pay bills from multiple broadband providers at once. We ensure that payments are made as quickly as possible so that your customers can enjoy uninterrupted Internet service. VOSO has associated with BSNL, Airtel, Hathway, Tikona, Reliance, and various broadband providers. You can browse all available plans and choose the one that suits them best. VOSO store partners enjoy broadband bill payment services because It enables them to build relationships with customers and several footfalls to the store. Quick bill payment in 2-3 steps with the most reliable VOSO payment method and instant status check VOSO ensures the fastest services to its partners.

Gas Bill Payment

A useful service that can save your customers a lot of time can make it an important part of paying your bills. VOSO provides gas payment services to its partners. Paying gas bills through the VOSO portal and app is faster than ever. With just one click, you can select the board and make a payment through the VOSO. VOSO protects user data, so if you want to pay by debit card or online banking, you don't have to worry about security. Our partners can pay for gas for all suppliers anywhere in the country. Now using the VOSO app, you can more easily pay your customers at any time and avoid late fees. VOSO ensures the best commission for each gas bill payment.

Store partners can pay gas bill online for their customers via Voso app

Landline Bill Payment

VOSO has introduced new services like Landline bill payment for its store partners to pay the landline bill providers like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, MTNL, Idea. Landline bill payment can be one of the most reliable platforms. The VOSO provides the secure payment method “VOSO”, and Without entering the bank or card details, the voso store partners can easily make payment which is the fastest method ever, so our retail partners can pay landline bills in a few seconds. This saves a lot of time and, retailers can manage multiple customers at one time as for every provider, you have to go for only one portal - VOSO. Our B2B portal and app lets you avoid the last-minute hustle and increase your credibility among the customers.

Make landline bill payment through voso in no time using Voso and BBPS portal

FASTag Recharge

Now recharge FASTag for your customers in just easy steps and less time

FASTag is one of the most important services in the present day. Recharge FASTag as it is important for frequent travelers or, for those who travel every now and then. Delaying the FASTag recharge can cost one extra fine in toll. Therefore, To Avoid last-minute payments and fines, VOSO has brought these significant services for its partners. You can recharge FASTag payment from anywhere through the VOSO app and portal. With one click, Store partners can easily complete the transaction and can provide smooth services to your customers.

LPG Gas Bill

LPG Gas cylinder is now one of the family members for us. Its timely payment is an important thing. VOSO has made the LPG gas payment and booking process the easiest through the VOSO app and portal. In a few steps, you can book the LPG for your customers and can provide them comfort and save their time. You need to select the provider and enter your customer's linked number, book and make the payment and, then the process is done.

Voso store partners can provide simple LPG gas payment services to their customers

Cable TV

Cable tv bill payment online using voso store portal

With the cable TV services, The VOSO facilitates its store partners to make it easy for their customers to pay Cable TV payments at ease and avoid the complexity of the payment process. VOSO has made the process quite easy by integrating multiple providers in one place. With various payment methods available in VOSO, it is now a hassle-free and fastest way to pay the bill on time and avoid any entertainment disruption.

Housing Society

In the busy schedule, Often we forget to pay the housing society bill. And the long queue is not one needs on weekends. To complete this bill payment process in a few seconds, The VOSO is providing Housing Society Bill payment services. With the comfort, our store partners can make housing bill payments from any part of India for any part of the nation. We have integrated all the society boards and brought high commissions for store partners.

Nagar nigam house tax online payment and Pay land and housing tax online

Municipal Taxes

Municipality property tax online payment

Give your customers comfort by paying their municipal taxes through the VOSO app. Now all the Municipal taxes payment is at your fingertips. Our store partners can also get the facility to make municipal tax payments and give their customers relief with the secured VOSO payment options. VOSO has the fastest payment method and the highest successful transaction rates with Municipal taxes.

Education Fees

Depositing school, college, and institution fees can not be easier than making payment through VOSO. Understanding the emergence of education fee payments, VOSO provides this service that allows paying fees for various institutions in a few seconds with just 2-3 steps. You can pay the fee through any payment method like debit card, credit card, or net banking as we provide the most secure platform for education fee payment.

Voso has facilities for secure payment for education fees

Hospital Bills

Payment of medical bill online through our voso portal

At VOSO, we provide all types of healthcare bill payment, The emergency of hospital bill payment can not be ignored, with this service, VOSO allows its partners for instant hospital bill payment. By providing these services to customers, Your customers do not have to stand in a long queue and hold for their turn. By providing this service to the customer. Store partners gain credibility and help people make secured transactions.

Municipal Services

Give your customers comfort by paying their municipal services bill through VOSO portal or app. You can make the payments within few steps. Our store partners can also get the facility to make municipal service payments and give their customers a relief with the secured VOSO payment options. VOSO has the fastest payment method and the highest successful transaction rates with Municipal services.

Pay municipal services bill for your customer through voso app

OTT Subscription

Get all ott subscription in one app

As the number of smartphones increases, the subscription for many OTTs is increasing drastically. These valuable services can double the footfalls of customers at your store. VOSO provides all the subscription payments in one place with a hassle-free process and secured payment options. Now retailers can provide a subscription to their customers at any time and from anywhere through the VOSO app.

Credit Card Bill Payment

With ease, To get the short-term financial edge, a credit card requires on-time payment of its EMI. Credit card bill payment can be a bit difficult and, last-minute payment issues can lead to a failed transaction and heavy late fees. With the VOSO platform, our store partners can easily pay credit card bill payments for their customers to save the unnecessary late fee. VOSO provides the highest successful transaction rates that ensure the on-time payment of due bills.

Voso facilitates credit card bill payment with ease and security

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