mATM Services (Micro ATM Services)

Now you can also offer mATm transactions to your customers through the VOSO mATM services and earn the highest commission on each mATM transaction. mATM or micro ATM is a device that allows the users to withdraw cash and look for balance inquiries from any Kirana shop, local store, or e-service portals without going to banks and waiting in long queues. mATM device is operated by an individual and the device is linked to the servers of all banks currently operational in India, both regional and national. Through mATM devices, the merchants can offer cash withdrawal, cash deposits, money transfer from one bank account to another bank account as well as balance while earning commissions on each successful mATM transaction.


  • Highest commissions, More earning Offer mATM services to your customers through VOSO and earn the highest commission on each successful transaction. With high commissions on each transaction, grow your business exponentially.
  • Accept credit and debit cards for transactions and grow your business Offer your customers the convenience of the PoS (point of sales) terminal and never turn any customer away. Increase your sales by accepting credit and debit cards from all the major banks and credit card providers, and earn the highest commission on each successful transaction.
  • No, wait, no delays With VOSO mATM service, experience the lighting fast tractions with receipt generation within 10 seconds of completed successful transactions, do no default eduction or payments. Swit VOSO’s lightning-fast services, each transaction completes in a blink of an eye. VOSO's reliable services ensure that each transaction is completed reliably with real-time status visibility.
  • Real-time status visibility With VOSO’s mATM, get real-time transaction data of all the transactions even during power cuts and server low times. No need to fear wrongful amount deductions or failed transactions due to technical issues. Get the real-time transaction data in seconds through VOSO while earning the highest commissions.

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